TOM’S INBOX 6-27-11

I have never seen one instance where forced rehabilitation in regards to drug or alcohol addiction worked.  A person cannot be rehabilitated in the regard until they have decided to give up the addiction Brian
I have a 2006 Jetta TDI that I use for long distance driving. I purchased it new for $21,000 and at 135,000 miles it just paid for itself.  That guy that gets 46 miles per gallon must drive like an old lady. I say this because I drive like a bandit and get 44 miles to the gallon. That car was made for the Autoban!!! Rick
Make the law read,"Anyone signing this law, must drive one of the cars, it represents."


The new mileage requirements are ridiculous and seemingly pulled from thin air.  How about if the car companies built any type of car they wanted but only sold it the state of manufacture - thus avoiding commerce clause interference from the Feds? They have many plants in many states.  Tim

What you describe would spell the end of most carpooling and large families. And gives us added incentive to keep ol' Betsy running.