No More Spare Tires!

The White House wants automakers to double their cars' average fuel economy by the year 2025.  To achieve that goal, some manufacturers have already made their cars lighter by eliminating spare tires.  Can Obama's plan really wean us off foreign oil?  Then, for years conservatives have accused Hollywood of brainwashing America's children, but Tom says this weekend's box-office winner "Cars 2" takes the cake!

Prescription Drug Addiction

Last week a husband and wife team in Long Island carried out a deadly pharmacy robbery to obtain a stockpile of the prescription painkiller hydrocodone.  Why are so many Americans hooked on dangerous but perfectly legal drugs?  New York Senator Chuck Schumer thinks legislation can solve this serious problem, but do we want the government to decide how doctors treat their patients?

NY Legalizes Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is now legal in the state of New York.  But does the passing of this historic bill open up a whole new can of worms?  Tom looks at the legal battles that may lie ahead.  Then, should the federal government step in and prevent other states from legalizing same-sex marriage?