Chris Christie told a woman off the other day on television. She asked him why he felt he could cut New Jersey school budgets if he did not send his kids to public schools. He told her where he sent his kids to school was none of her business.


Gasp. OMG! You can't talk to a voter like that! How dare you?


Well, I thought it was just fine. Christie gave his reasons, namely that where he and his wife wanted to send their children to school was a personal decision that was not open to public inquiry. Fair enough.


But that's not why I thought his "Butt out, Lady" response was great. I think people in this country are sick to death of politicians who won't say no, won't tell the truth, who are soft as mashed potatoes even when the people making demands of them are wrong, or unreasonable or both.


Sometimes a voter needs to be told off. I'd like to tell off all the voters who gave us Obama.

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