[Video] Walk Out!

The Walk Out! Vice President Joe Biden's debt ceiling talks hit a brick wall Thursday after two key Republicans walked out in a dispute over the idea of raising taxes. Tim Geithner wants to raise taxes so the government doesn't shrink. Do you agree? Gibson doesn't.

Tea Party Dilemma? The anybody-but-Mitt Romney faction developing within the tea party may pose a problem for the former Massachusetts governor's presidential ambitions, but some tea party organizers worry it could also backfire against the movement itself. Gibson tries to move the Mitt train along.

Tap That! President Obama is trying to reduce Americans' pain at the pump. The commander-in-chief agreed Thursday to release 30 million barrels of oil from the country's strategic reserves, as part of an international effort to push gas prices down. Gibson wonders, if this works why not...wait for it....drill?

Plus: Hip Hop Week in Review, and Wedding Countdown!