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The US - releasing 30 MILLION barrels of oil - from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Aimed at increasing supply as the summer driving season ramps up... Or at least that's what the Obama Administration was saying Thursday...

"Quote - we're heading into a period in which a demand for oil tends to be its highest. This release is intended to address that increasing demand."

That was Paul Harris - filling in for Tony Cruise at WHAS in Louisville...

But really... 30 million barrels may seem like a lot to you and me - but as far as consumption goes - it's a drop in the bucket -- of about 4 percent -- of the total reserve that the US has...

"This is just a band-aid - it'll temporarily bring the prices down - and then we're going to be back in the same boat we're in.

"Right the long term effect is nothing."

Financial Advisor Clark Hodges speaking with Forrest Goodman at WREC in Memphis.

The release - part of an international effort - that will make up for the disruption in Libya's oil production.

There is a lot of opposition to the decision... calling the move by the Obama Administration - entirely political:

"But the supply from Libya predominately went to Europe so it really didn't have that much of an effect on us."

Scott Fitzgerald of affiliate WERC in Birmingham - speaking with Andrew Restuccia - Staff Writer at The Hill.

"Yeah - yeah we get no oil from Libya directly - but you know - oil markets work on a global basis - so the argument is that it has an effect on world oil prices and that effects the United States."

So really then, Andrew -'s all just a psychological ploy - isn't it? It's not going to help us at the pump... right?

"Well, it's sort of unclear at this point. I mean - you're right oil prices did drop yesterday by about 4 dollars but they actually went up a little bit today. So the markets are a really finicky thing - especially oil markets and it's really hard to judge at this point - what exact impact this will have on oil prices and then by extension gas prices."

In total - 60 million gallons will be released. The US releasing 50 percent of the total - the IEA saying that the percentages are based on the proportionate share of consumption.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.