Christie Teaching Obama?

After scoring a big budget victory in his state, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says if Obama wants to seal a deal on the debt ceiling, he needs to be at the negotiating table!  So far, the President has delegated his duties and spent time at campaign events like last night's "Sister Act" performance!  Is Obama capable of showing Christie-like leadership and pulling off a deal?

Afghan Withdrawal

Some of Obama's military commanders are publically questioning the Afghan withdrawal, and even Democrats are criticizing the President's plan.  Can Obama find middle ground on the issue?  PLUS: Will President Obama's decision to release oil from our reserves result in higher gas prices?  The Saudis are reportedly mad over the release and may cancel their plans to increase production.  Will Obama's attempt at a stimulus backfire?

Texas "Anti-Groping" Bill

Despite the TSA's plan to limit pat downs on children, the state of Texas is moving forward on a bill that would criminalize invasive pat downs.  Do you support Texas' "anti-groping" bill?  Or will an outright ban jeopardize airline security?