[Video] Surge!

Surge! President Obama announced last night that his controversial "Surge" in Afghanistan will be over next summer, just before his Fall re-election campaign ends. With Polls showing Most Americans wanted to draw-down the Ten Year War, how is the news going over? Gibson examines and speaks with Marc Thiessen. Plus: Did Obama pick Biden Plan instead of Petraeus Plan?

Spend! Responding to the sobering news from a CBO Report that US Debt will be 110 Percent of the GDP by 2021 and 190 Percent of the GDP by 2039, Democrats and President Obama took the airwaves to demand a fix to this grim news.....more spending on "Infrastructure" and "Clean Energy." Gibson questions their Sanity.

Whitey! One of the Most Wanted Men in the World, James "Whitey" Bulger, infamous Irish Mob Boss and FBI Informant was captured in Santa Monica, California last night after 16 Years on the lam. Gibson speaks with Bulger Expert and "Boston Herald" Columnist Howie Carr.