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President Obama – addressing the nation Wednesday night – on his plan for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan…

The address lasted about 12 minutes – with a mixed bag of reaction coming from both sides of the aisle — according to FOX News Radio’s Todd Starnes who spent some time with Lana and JP in Houston at KTRH:

“Let’s start with the Democrats – who are concerned that the withdrawal is not happening fast enough. So they want those troops out and they want them out NOW. The Republicans on the other hand are questioning the motives here because the President says by the summer of 2012 — 33,000 troops will be pulled out of Afghanistan – and of course we know what happens in the fall of 2012… And the Republicans are taking issue with that.”

…a wide range of responses – with great political implications… where does the President actually stand on the issue? …because — really — it’s kind of major.

“President Obama seems to be somewhere in the middle – he’s sort of like trying to find not too hot, not too cold policy position that seems to be pleasing no one right now.”

…that’s the take from Abby Phillip – White House Reporter for Politico – speaking with JT in for Scott at WERC in Birmingham.

That aside — all in all how’d he do?

“I think the speech was really two speeches in one. The first half was actually pretty good pertaining content with Afghanistan. Whether I agree or disagree with vocally telling the world how many and when we’re going to draw down is not the point I’m making. I think he did a pretty good job promoting what our US forces have done in Afghanistan and he honored them I think relatively well. The second point he went completely off track and began speaking about clean energy and even in support of revolutionists… ”

Co-Founder of the National Security Leadership Foundation Kerry Patton – speaking with Davis and Emmer at KTLK in Minneapolis…

Patton continued…

“So this guy – wound up showing his true colors which could be construed as the supreme revolutionist in the 21st century.”

…President Obama – a revolutionist?

“Absolutely – I mean – why else would you make a statement during a speech that is really meant to show the world our advances and successes in Afghanistan when all of a sudden when he turns it around and starts talking about revolutionists – when he doesn’t even know who these rebels are.”

What does this mean for the troops that will remain?

That question – asked of Van Hipp, former Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Army – by Charlie Parker at WOAI.

Van’s answer?

“My concern – particularly next summer – during the middle of the fighting season – they’re going to take 23,000 out. I would not be bringing those troops home – in the middle of the fighting season.”

So what would you do, then?

“I’d either get ’em out now. Or I would get ’em out after the fighting season.”


“Because when you bring 23,000 out during the middle of it – I think you make those other troops more vulnerable. And that’s probably one of the reasons General Patraeus did not support this.”

I’m Jessica Curtis – and that’s your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.