Déjà vu: Obama repeating the mistakes of Vietnam?

Déjà vu

President Obama's big Afghanistan speech last night felt like Déjà vu all over again. Like Vietnam more than four decades ago, politics seems to be trumping military strategy once again. Is Obama repeating the mistakes of Vietnam? Can victory be achieved in Afghanistan? And what does "victory" in Afghanistan mean anyway? FOX Military Analyst Col. Bill Cowan joins Tom.


The economy doesn't appear to be recovering. The jobs numbers are bad and the latest housing data is even worse. Fed Chief Ben Bernanke is apparently 'puzzled' by our sluggish economy and the White House doesn't seem to have a clue either. But is it really all that puzzling? Tom explains to Bernanke and the White House why we're not recovering and how we could possibly fix this mess.

PLUS: Why Obama's decision to release oil from our reserves is a really dumb move.

Too Sensitive

A foul-mouth Southwest Airlines pilot was suspended after being caught on tape mocking gay and other members of his flight crew. While the pilot is back at work, Tom doesn't think he should have been suspended in the first place! Are we becoming way too sensitive in the work place?