Pension Reform

Tom has warned folks for years that employer pension plans cannot go on forever.  Faced with tough economic times, many states, cities and unions are drastically reforming their pension plans and in some cases, getting rid of them altogether.  What led to the collapse of the country's pension systems?  And should we embrace this difficult change?

Obama's Ties to Unions

Despite protests from the GOP and the business community, the National Labor Relations Board is proposing sweeping, labor-friendly changes to the federal rules governing unions.  Tom explains how Obama's regulations and ties to the unions are hurting American businesses.  PLUS: Robert Reich explains in just two minutes how we can fix the ailing economy.  Tom puts his theory to the smell test!

Huntsman vs. Christie

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman kicked off his presidential campaign yesterday, and Tom wasn't very impressed.  Is being "vanilla" the way to win a general election?  Or should more politicians follow outspoken NJ Governor Chris Christie's lead?  Tom compares Huntsman to GOP darling Christie.  PLUS: Polls show a significant amount of Americans say they wouldn't vote for a Mormon.  Can Huntsman and Romney overcome this hurdle?