Afghanistan. In or out? The President is evidently going for out. Because we've won the war? No. Because he wants to win the next election, and he sees that the public, including Republicans, want out. It's a political move that has nothing to do with winning the war he said was essential to win.


Can the President fix the economy? Evidently not, or he would have already. Can he make jobs pop up in every community across the country. Obviosly not. That hasn't happened either.


As commander in chief of the economy, he's helpless. But as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States he can give an order and it will be followed. For an anti-military type guy the willingness of his troops to follow orders has certainly come in handy.


You watch. Obama's re election campaign will prominently feature this day. "I brought the troops home," he'll say. Yes, but did you win the war?

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