[Video] The Field!

The Field! One UK Newspaper called it, "The Rise of the Mormons." Former Utah Governor and US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman entered the GOP Presidential ranks today. Can a Wealthy, Motorcycle Riding, former High School Drop Out, Moderate Mormon who speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese be the GOP Nominee? Gibson asks. Plus: Gibson addresses the shocking Anti-Mormon Bias in parts of his audience confirmed by new Gallup Poll!

Bush Reborn! After knocking the crowds socks off at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference this past weekend, Texas Governor Rick Perry is looking like the candidate who could pull together the Republican Establishment and the Tea Party movement. However, pundits continue to wonder, does he look, act, talk and seem too much like President George W. Bush to get moderates? Gibson examines. Plus: Far Left begins Oppo Research War on Perry!

Plus: Shocking Black Unemployment has Black "Leaders" and Michele Bachmann (?) questioning if the President has "failed" minorities, Obama Administration to give Zero Interest Bridge Loans to Unemployed people so they can keep their soon to be foreclosed homes and Is it better to Rent or Buy?