TOM’S INBOX 6/21/11

I too went to Catholic schools starting in the 1940's and 50's and had the same nun the whole time... Her name was Sister Mary Corporal Punishment and I knew her well.. Jim
I had to go from an all-boy parochial to a public high school sophomore year because my parents could not afford the tuition. At first I was upset but the year I got to the public school was the year that mini-skirts came out. Wow! Before that the only people I saw in skirts were Jesuits!
There is a BIG difference between Brash & Honest and just plain RUDE!!!  If he can't handle a simple question from a "woman" then he shouldn't be askin'


I for one beleive that women who ask for equal treratment should get it. That woman clearly asked a gotcha question in a gotcha way, so she deserved the answer she got, the way she got it. Dan
I LOVE Chris Christie because he says it like it is and isn't afraid to tell it like it is.  It is so refreshing to have someone command an interview and not pussy foot around.  He is the new "great communicator".  I wish he'd change his mind and run in 2012.
I am a woman, and I have NO PROBLEM with Gov. Christie's response to Gale regarding the schools.  And while we're at it, lets go to a voucher system so we all have the opportunity to send our children to whichever school we choose, holding the schools accountable, and allowing me to take the money I'd be paying in taxes to the crappy schools in my area, and give the money to worthwhile schools.  Shannon
I was not caring for Christie until he was so up front and honest with Gail.
I am a senior woman, I loved his reaction, good for him, he pays $38,000 a year in property tax, egad, isn't that enough?  Hurray for Chris Christie.   I am tired of these people crabbing about not being paid enough by the  tax payers,