Public vs. Private

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently defended sending his children to private schools while he's cutting funding for public schools.  One mother confronted the Governor on this issue and Tom will play the tape!  PLUS: Do private schools provide a better education than public schools, or are high-tuition private schools just a status symbol for those who can afford them? 

Desperate Measures?

An "underemployed" North Carolina man recently robbed a bank with the sole purpose of getting arrested and thrown into jail.  Why?  In order to receive free health care from the state prison system!   Is this just a tale of a desperate man, or the story of a broken health care system?  Why are criminals getting better medical attention than law-abiding citizens?  

Perry Pushes Back!

Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to put a halt to the TSA's infamous pat downs.  Should individual states have a say about national security issues like airport screening?  The presidential hopeful is also taking aim at Washington's ban on incandescent light bulbs.  Should states be allowed to decide which products are manufactured and sold within their borders?