Wal-Mart Wins

This morning the Supreme Court ruled the massive sexual discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart was too big and threw out the case.  Does the High Court's decision hurt the "little guy"?  Pacific Legal Foundation's Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur joins Tom.  Plus, NBC Sports came under fire over the weekend when the words "under God" were edited out of the Pledge of Allegiance during the US Open.  Tom says the omission was no accident!

Wealth Inequality

According to the Washington Post, wealth inequality has grown steadily since the 1970s.  Reportedly, the rich have gotten richer, but the bottom 90% of Americans haven't.  Do CEOs, sports figures and entertainers make too much money?  Tom takes a closer look at pay in America.

Paul Wins Straw Poll

Texas Congressman Ron Paul won another straw poll this weekend at the Republican Leadership conference in New Orleans.  But does the 75-year-old libertarian have a shot of winning a general election?  And if elected, can he get his "radical" policies through Congress?