TOM’S INBOX 6-20-11

Political correctness equals 'Offend the majority in order to not offend the minority' jim

I think one of the biggest issues with escalating ceo pay has to do with companies laying off workers while upper mgt. get big salaries, bonuses, raises, etc. Brian

I personally don't care how much a person earns. My complaint is when someone that has 5 mansions around the world, sits on 10 different director boards, pull in millions per year and then complain that we lower level peons should all live in a fashion that he/she dictates.  In other words, don't dare try to reach too high..... jim

Wal Mart....  I suspect that some of that lawsuit was promoted by unions,....working behind the scenes.....  Wal Mart is one of the biggest NON union employers around..... John