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A warning to hotels - in major US cities - from Federal Authorities...

Be EXTRA vigilant - and on the look out for terror attacks from al-Qaeda...

"They've attacked the Marriott twice - in Jakarta - they attacked the Radisson a couple years ago in Jakarta, they've attacked the Marriott in Islamabad, and they've attacked a hotel in Mombasa."

That was Charlie Allen - who is a 44 year veteran of the CIA - speaking with Chip Franklin at KOGO in San Diego...

Chip asked a good question of Allen -

"Hey - let me ask you a question... when we look at hotels - it seems to me - that that was always a convenient spot for terror - so this is nothing new - is it?"

"It is nothing new - because al-Qaeda affiliate networks have always attacked hotels."

Should we be scared?

"We do not - in this country have the kind of security - except with some exceptions in some places like New York City and Los Angeles - to protect our hotels. We are not very security conscious."

As a part of the plot - operatives would stay in strategically chosen rooms - on the first floor of a hotel -- and then would set their rooms ablaze in hopes of trapping guests on the floors above...

Buzzing right along...

The suspect - from Friday's incident near the Pentagon - remains in custody.

Perhaps planning an attack?

"Clearly - if we knew where these lone wolves were - we would do far more than we're currently doing."

That was Pentagon Senior Strategist Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis - speaking with Helen Glover at WHJJ in Providence...

Yonathan Melaku - is in custody for carry a backpack with "suspicious items and products" inside Arlington National Cemetery -- detained for trespassing - after becoming quite uncooperative.

Also contained in the book bag was a notebook - with words written in it like "Al Qaeda", "Taliban Rule" and "defeated coalition forces"...

Melaku is a Marine Corps reservist - who lives in Virginia and is a Muslim.

"I wonder if perhaps political correctness has infiltrated our military. Because you know - clearly - we saw the situation with Major Nidal Hussan down in Fort Hood back in 2009 and the charges of 13 murders and 32 counts of attempted murder. Very serious implications here."

Melaku joined the the Marines as a reservist in 2007... but never deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

"We don't need people like that in our ranks - much less in our country."

Melaku has not yet been charged.

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