[Video] Scott Allen Miller fills in

• Scott Allen Miller in for Gibson!

The Wimp Factor! In "The Hill" newspaper GOP experts are concerned that some of the leading GOP Candidates are "too wimpy" to jazz up voters to come out for them in droves. They're also concerned that the candidate who do have "stronger" personalities, are the ones who can't win a General Election. Is the Wimp Factor real? Scott examines. Plus: Romney/Bachmann 2012!

Raw Deal! Fox News Talk Host Alan Colmes is boldly defending Anthony Weiner and the pressure put upon the Congressman to "resign" his office. Alan joins Scott.

Plus: Talk Radio hatred of Romney, Democrats anxious to "move on" from Weiner to get back to scaring Grandmothers, Democrat Progressive Caucus demands another Huge Stimulus, the GOP Field surprises on Afghanistan and Is there really Sexual Addiction?