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Congressman Weiner - he's gone - well... sort of.

He "resigned" his seat during a news conference Thursday - but has yet to make it official by submitting his letter of resignation to the Speaker of the House.

Thursday's announcement was slated to begin at 2pm, but started about 20 minutes late. Why the delay? -

"There was a lot of speculation that he was trying to strike some time of deal here with the Democrats that were urging him to resign..."

That was Helen Glover from affiliate WHJJ in Providence Rhode Island - speaking with Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes...

Is that true, Todd?

"Weiner was using this scandal as leverage - because he didn't have to resign. And I want to say that - I talked to many many people - many of his constituents - and most of them felt like he should stay in office. So the Democrats wanted to get rid of him - and there is some speculation that he may have been working out some sort of a deal - whether it be consulting work or whatever."

What was the bargaining chip then?

"I was going to say - what the heck was his bargaining chip?"

"Yeah - the bargaining chip was whether or not he would stay or leave."

Surely this has to be a huge disappointment to New Yorkers - but especially to the constituents that Weiner represented...

"Well you know - I think New Yorkers were disappointed in this whole situation. But that said - I think they would have kept him in Congress in his district because he was an effective Congressman for them."

Former Aide To Sen. Chuck Schumer and Democratic Strategist Christopher Hahn, speaking with Jeff Bolton at KLIF in Dallas....

Hahn continued:

"New Yorkers have dealt with scandals - and as scandals go - what Anthony Weiner did in Brooklyn was kind of tame. I mean - there are several other scandals right now going on with State Legislators - in Brooklyn - that are quite frankly more bizarre - and worse - if you listeners can believe it."

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum spoke to Sergio Sanchez at KURV in McAllen, TX - who wanted to know:

"What is this guy going to do for a living now?"

"I think he'll probably get a job - quietly - somewhere on Wall Street is my guess. He might have been assured by one of the many big Democratic donors in the State - in the City - that he'll - he and his wife will be ok."

With all these political scandals happening - where's the accountability?

"People - in life - have forgot their place. Everybody has a place in life. And particularly in this case right here - Anthony Weiner - or sleezeballs like this - they work for us - we pay their salaries. We are the ones who need to start speaking up and we are the ones that need to start holding these people accountable and if they screw up we ought to all rise up against them - and fire them. Get them out of there."

Political and Image Consultant Maurice Bonamingo... speaking with Al and Gail at KCOL in Fort Collins, CO...

Weiner's wife -Huma - was absent from her husband's announcement.

Will this be the last we hear of Weiner? Will he now ride off into the silent - scandal free - sunset? Mmmm... I don't think so - but we'll just have to wait and see...

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.