Weiner-Gate Update

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has stepped down after weeks of denial and apologies for sending explicit messages and photos to young women over the internet.  Tom will have post-resignation reaction!  Plus, is "sex addiction" a clinical disorder, or just a big excuse for bad behavior?

One-Term President?

President Obama said in 2009 that if the economy hasn't improved by 2012, he'll end up a one-term President.  Is Obama's time up, or will excuses - like blaming ATMs for killing jobs - get him re-elected?  Plus, Tom explains why Greece and the EU are in so much trouble and why the US may be next!


It seems no matter what budget deal is made, younger Americans just won't get the same Medicare benefits as their parents and grandparents did.  Is the country ready to accept this new reality?  Plus, how would cuts to Medicaid programs for the poor affect healthcare in the US?