[Video] Is Weiner gone?

Own It! DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz doubled down on the Democrats "owning" this Economy, which she claims President Obama has turned around. Considering Americans don't believe the Economy has turned around , how is that President Obama still has a 49 Percent approval rating in the latest WSJ Poll? Ann Coulter joins Gibson.

Combinations! In Pre and Post Debate Polls Mitt Romney is far and away the leading GOP Contender with Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain coming next in line. Could Mitt consolidate the base and Tea Party factions by talking VP with one of them? Gibson examines. Plus: Tea Party groups target Mitt!

Intervention! Neo Conservatives and the MSM are seizing on a comment Mitt Romney made at Monday's debate that seems to indicate that Mitt is joining Jon Huntsman and other Republicans in possibly wanting to "get out" of Afghanistan. Will the Republicans run on that platform ? Gibson looks.

Plus: Progressives want another Stimulus, Obama's Tax Cut Canard, Drunken Canadians Riot and Anthony Weiner back to the dreaded Private Sector!