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A CDC survey - "A Student Risk Behavior Study"... making waves in Massachusetts...

"This particular study - asked boys and girls in 7th grade - we're talking 12 year olds - whether or not they had oral sex - and they also wanted the boys and girls to explain to them what methods they used to prevent pregnancies from their previous sexual encounters."

That was Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes - speaking with Hoppy at WAJR in Morgantown, WV.

Are parents up in arms in Fitchburg, MA -- where this school is located?

"If they gave that survey out in West Virginia we'd hear about it."

"Well you might be surprised - because - a lot of these tests are just administered without parental consent or knowledge - and that's what exactly what happened in this case."

Should the school be asking these sorts of questions to middle school aged students?

"We're hearing reports from all across the country even in small towns as far away as Montana - where children in Kindergarten and First Grade are already being taught sex education. And the question on everybody's minds - are they teaching a "How to" class or a "Don't Do" class?...

Buzzing right along...

The war on childhood obesity rages on...

Its latest victim... chocolate milk! ...actually strawberry too -- my favorite!

A school district in Los Angeles banning flavored milk in an attempt to battle child obesity.

"The parents really need to step up and take responsibility for this instead of blaming it all on the school districts - for why their kids are - you know - overweight or obese or headed towards diabetes at an early age."

Registered Dietitian Heather Golubski - speaking with Bob at WTVN in Columbus, OH.

And as for the diabetes issue which seems to be rampant among young children on a national level - well... Golubski had this to say:

"Everyone blames it on food - but it also has a lot to do with - these kids - are having their PE classes taken away - they're having their recesses taken away - they don't have health education or any sort of cooking education in any of these classes - and then their parents aren't having them exercise or do any physical activity at home as well - they are sitting in front of a computer screen or they are sitting in front of a video game."

A multi tiered problem that needs addressing - Golubski stressed.

This LA school district is just one of a large -- and growing -- number of school districts nationwide - who serve ONLY plain milk - because of the sugar in the flavor versions.

The ban will go into effect as of July 1st.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.