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A Federal Appeals Court has spoken...

In regards to a very high - profile case involving students - the social networking website "Myspace" - and free speech...

The two Pennsylvania teens CANNOT be disciplined at school -- for parodies of their Principals that they created on Myspace.

"These myspace profiles contain such outrageous allegations about the Principals that the Court found no reasonable person would believe them to be true."

Criminal Defense and Constitutional Attorney Lawrence Walters.

Additionally - the parodies were created at home, on home computers...

"The internet - is it the same - in essence - as a newspaper - so you can't slander somebody - or libel again - in this case - libel someone the same way?"

That question asked of Walters - by Chip Franklin at KOGO in San Diego.

Walters answer?

"Defamation laws - libel and slander - do apply to internet postings. So you know - there is a potential to be sued for defamation if you publish something that is untrue about an individual..."

The ACLU - represented both students -

And the Court's decision - makes it so that students cannot be punished for off-campus speech - just because it offends or criticizes.

Six Judges dissented in one of the two cases - and said in their dissent that they fear salacious online attacks against school officials would go unpunished.

I don't think this will be the last we hear of this story - or ones very similar to it making headlines.

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