Radio Buzz: Weiner’s Fate; FBI To Issue New Rules on Surveillance

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Three weeks into his "sexting scandal" ...

Congressman Weiner just won't quit... despite mounting pressure on him to do so.

"When these things tend to happen to Republicans they resign, and Democrats are going to rehab."

That was Political Strategist Leslie Sorrell speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego.

And the shamed Congressman is doing just that - seeking treatment...

How long can he hang on for?

"But he's not going to be able to stay in office and the longer he waits to resign the worse it's going to get for him. I wouldn't think it would get more embarassing but..."

Yeah but Leslie... he's seeking treatment - is he really sincere? Does he really want help, and treatment? Or is this just another stalling tactic?

"I think none of us really believe that he needs treatment. I think he got caught - and that's kind of what you do these days - you - apologize, ask for forgiveness, seek treatment. But no - this is a stall tactic - he's hoping that maybe this all will go away and possibly looking for a job as well."

Buzzing right along...

The FBI plans to issue NEW rules - making it easier for their agents to spy on suspects or potential informants...

Techniques including dispatching surveillance teams and digging through trash cans...

"People are starting to worry about surveillance's and looking at your trash. One has to remember there's 300,000,000 Americans and about 14,000 FBI Agents - so the chance of everybody looking at - any Agent looking at your trash are very very remote."

Former Assistant Director of the FBI - Bill Gavin - speaking with Jack and Ted at WFLA in Tampa....

"You know - we need to be aware of what's going on - they need to dig in and find out if there is any chance of domestic terrorism - but by the same token - follow the rules."

The new rules have prompted complaints from civil liberties groups - but are touted by the FBI as a way to give agents more flexibility as the agency becomes increasingly focused on small-cell or lone-wolf plots.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.