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...and the hits keep coming... to shamed Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Dismissing calls to resign over a sexting scandal...But rather...The Congressman has decided to seek treatment...

"He's off to rehab - to hopefully get help with his serial sexting addiction. We don't know where he's going. All we know is that he left sometime over the weekend. And look - he's has some big problems. Not just with himself personally and within his marriage - but also with his party... "

Fox's Todd Starnes spent some time this morning with Mark and Susan at KOA in Denver...

Weiner's weekend announcement to seek "help" spurred by his acknowledgment - that he'd exchanged online messages with a 17 year old girl in Delaware.

Both Weiner and the girls family say that nothing inappropriate was exchanged between the two, and the police investigation into it was then closed.

In - what seems to be a string of online scandals making news lately... much like this one - it seems as if social networking is a minefield...

Fox's Jared Halpern also stopped to talk with the folks at KOA... and had this to say:

"Ya know... it's almost like - I'm at my little computer - and no one can see what I'm doing... but unfortunately that is really not the case..."

"A lot of people can not only see what you're doing but what has been done. Even if you hit that delete key right after it happened as we saw with the case with Congressman Weiner - just hitting the delete key and trying to do the undo - so to speak - doesn't work with these websites. They're there forever, it's a carbon copy - and it shows your history of conversations you've had...

And as Jared mentioned to Mark and Susan in Denver, don't forget - twitter and facebook conversations can be subpoenaed!

Watch what you say... AND TYPE!

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.