Palin Email Dump Reveals Her Need For Teleprompters

Just as Sarah Jones at PoliticusUSA has been telling us.  And now it’s confirmed by information contained in her many emails.When a request came from Energy TV for an interview, an aide requested the staff set up a teleprompter with the answers in it.

Energy TV would like an interview with the Governor and I thought this Wednesday might work – the questions are below . What we need to do is simply book the Governor’s time, provide the answers to the questions below, use the prompter and have her look to the side and answer the questions for use by the TV station. I just need help on the answers .

As Sarah notes:

The worst part about Palin's use of Teleprompters, though, is that she doesn't even draft her own answers. Everything you hear her say is scripted. The only time she's unscripted, we get "Paul Revere warning the British" and the Bush Bailout "so important for the healthcare" type answers.

We have documented how Palin has often mocked President Obama for using a teleprompter, even as she used her hand to prompt her.

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