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Goshen -- A small college in Indiana - won't be playing "The Star - Spangled Banner" anymore at their sporting events...

"And the reason is - this college says that the images of war and the military undermine the schools pacifist message."

That was Jeff Bolton - at affiliate KLIF in Dallas... speaking with Attorney Megan Brown - who deals in cases involving constitutional issues.

"I certainly think, Megan, and I'm not completely convinced - but I think you can find that Americans are going to be angry about this, but these people are certainly within their legal rights not to play it."

"I think that's exactly right."

The 1,000-student college has been playing an instrumental version of the national anthem, followed by a peace prayer, before games and other events.


"There's a long tradition in this Country of wide running room for people to have and express views that others in America - whether it's a majority or not - might think are ridiculous, distasteful, or horribly offensive."

The school - believes that "The Star Spangled Banner" is not consistent with the message they want to send about their faith and about pacifism.

The irony in that... according to Brown:

"But it does come from a war - which is the reason they disagree with it - that was fought - to precisely secure those freedoms to Americans. So the very freedom they have to not play it - is the freedom that was sought in the war that it generated."

Goshen's board of directors say it will find an alternative that honors the country.

Buzzing right along...

Weinergate rages on...

So what if disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner never met his SIX online girlfriends in person...

Does that mean that tweeting sexually explicit tweets -ISN'T- cheating?

"Oh... I'd say - ask his wife... she's the ultimate decider as far as that goes. But legally I think, seriously, our laws need to catch up with our technology. I've not read a statute yet this morning, about adultery, legally, that doesn't require some sort of physical contact... and therefore technically, legally - he's not cheating."

That was Divorce Attorney Aubrey Connaster - speaking to Rebecca at KXL in Portland, OR...

Adding to the Weiner woes -- the Congressman's wife is reportedly pregnant with the couple's first child...

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