ObamaCare Casualties?

A new study found 30% of employers are likely to stop offering workers health insurance once ObamaCare takes full effect.  Are the Democrats setting up the current health care model to fail, clearing the way for the single-payer system they've always wanted?  Plus, Democrats and the liberal media have been attacking Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity", but Tom says they have the proposal all wrong!  

Regs are Killing Banks!

J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says the new financial regulations are killing banks, the Chinese are warning that toying with the debt ceiling is "playing with fire", and American Spectator is predicting another financial crash in 2013.  Why do President Obama and Fed Chief Ben Bernanke seem to think everything is okay?  Do the folks in Washington know what the heck they're doing?

Dire Prediction

Wall Street analyst Meredith Whitney says scores of municipalities are on the verge of default.  Some towns, however, are trying to confront the problem by cutting budgets and consolidating services.  But mayors are facing the same resistance lawmakers in Washington are getting - no one wants to sacrifice!  How do leaders make painful cuts if their constituents don't want them?