Weiner-Gate Update

Rep. Anthony Weiner's explosive press conference yesterday left even more questions unanswered about the scandal.  Who exactly are the women he was "sexting"?  Were any laws broken?  Should Weiner's fate be left up to the voters?  Tom has your Weiner-Gate update!

Still "Too Big to Fail"

Three years after the historic meltdown, the world's financial institutions are still over-leveraged, and Europe appears to be on the brink of collapse.  Did the "too big to fail" banks just get bigger?  Are you worried about your money?  Tom is .. and he explains why.

"Path to Prosperity"

Americans are still debating Paul Ryan's controversial "Path to Prosperity", and specifically its proposed Medicare reforms.  Democrats and the liberal media have been attacking the plan, but Tom says the media have Ryan's proposal all wrong.