[Video] O’Conomy

O'Conomy! The trajectory of the United States Economy has begun to go wildly in the wrong direction and as President Obama brushes it off as a "bump in the road" will the American Voters? Has the Warranty warn off on "blaming Bush" for this new mess? Gibson rules. Plus: Texas Bob Schieffer eats Nancy Pelosi's breakfast for her!

Nuts! Various Keynesian Wackjob Pundits and "Intellectuals" responding to the latest Job Numbers Bummer are actually calling for another "huge" Stimulus. Gibson questions their collective sanity.

Good Sarah/Bad Sarah! Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave a surprising effective and impressive long form interview with Chris Wallace on Sunday that had even Chris saying it was "boffo." However, on Friday Sarah Palin didn't take a Nuke Bomb to the floated notion that Donald "Birther" Trump may run as an Independent Third Party Candidate. She seemed to think it was a good thing. Gibson judges her.

Plus: A Call Screener and Tech Producer celebrate their respective Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties!