TOM’S INBOX 6-6-11

Maybe Weiner 's conduct was not illegal (ref. earlier caller) BUT it absolutely displayed his gross immaturity, something a high school kid would do, his lack of common sense and his immorality.  Maturity, common sense, and a sense of morality are not too much and should be expected of our ELECTED representatives.  Thanks New York, shows a lot about the electorate there..............


I almost felt sorry for Weiner... up until he defiantly said "AND I"M NOT RESIGNING"


Ok was this guy (Weiner) on the job during his Tweeting?  Was this Tweeting on a government computer?  And will an investigation into his behavior be conducted? 

I never have to worry about connecting with old high school flames.  Acne and a beat up ugly car were looking out for my future.


Karma is what Weiner is experiencing.  He usually screams and hollers at republicans who act stupid, demanding they resign. As you mentioned Lee just took his shirt off, and stepped down,  Weiner should too.