Weiner versus Christie. That's what the scandal  mongering has come down to this week.


First Congressman Anthony Weiner, not only taking a picture of his enlarged underwear, and sending it out to a 21 year old female coed--allegedly, allegedly allegedly--but then giving us the most incredible line of BS about it, and demanding we believe it. That last part may be the worst of it, by the way. You expect me to believe that crap?


Second you have Governor Chris Christie taking a New Jersey State Police helicopter from Trenton north to Bergen county to watch his son play in a highschool baseball game. Christie wrote a check to cover the flight, but NBC news thought it was a bigger scandal than the Weiner story--covering Christie, but not a word about Weiner.


Which is worse? A congressman sexting a coed or a governor choppering to his kid's game? Seriously. Which?

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