[Video] New Hampshire!

New Hampshire! Lots of back and forth on whether Sarah Palin went off the reservation by throwing Mitt Romney an elbow on RomneyCare in Boston then heading up to New Hampshire, on the same day he announced, to steal some of his Mojo. Was she out of line? Gibson looks.

Equivalencies! Far Left pundits are coming out and saying what NJ Governor Chris Christie did by using a State Police Helicopter to watch his kids baseball game is WORSE than the spectacle that Congressman Anthony Weiner has engaged in the past week. Gibson judges them.

Under the Bus! Donald Trump joined many anonymous "Conservatives" in recent polls, that don't support Paul Ryan's courageous plan to save Medicare. Trump says the GOP is committing political "suicide." Is he right? Gibson decides.

Plus: Obama Kicks Off Recovery Summer 2 with Rising Unemployment Rate, John Edwards is in deep trouble, Christine and Bob's upcoming Lost Weekend and Hip Hop Week in Review!