Scary Numbers!

President Obama did his best today to spin this week's scary economic numbers, but he knows the reports are really bad news for his reelection hopes.  Doesn't anyone in the White House know that their policies aren't working?

71% Favor Redistributing Wealth

A new Gallup poll shows 71% of Democrats support redistribution of wealth.  How would increasing taxes on the rich affect small businesses and the economy?  And why do so many Americans think redistributing wealth is "fair"?

"Weiner-Gate" Update!

Tom brings you today's daily "Weiner-Gate" update.  Then, multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and two-time Grammy winner Ray Stevens joins Tom to discuss his new album and why he's so popular with the Tea Party!  And, Tom speaks with American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina.