Does Rick Scott Cash In On Mandatory Drug Testing?

Florida Governor Rick Scott passed into law a bill mandating drug testing for those on public assistance. The company he founded, Solantic,  does a big drug testing business. Although Scott divested himself of intereset in the company in January, the controlling share went to a trust in his wife’s name.

This raised a groundswell of concern and questions about his health policy initiatives, especially his push to move Medicaid into private HMOs. Solantic does not take Medicaid but does business with private Medicaid HMOs. The questions are growing louder with Scott’s executive order on drug testing.

Solantic charges $35 for drug tests. The main customers? People who want advance reassurance they will pass an upcoming drug test for work or parole, and worried parents who bring in wayward teens…

Time for Governor Scott to answer some questions about his personal interest in drug testing.

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