“Weiner-Gate” Update!

Tom has your daily "Weiner-Gate" update!  Then, after yesterday's dismal economic data, poor job numbers are causing even more worry on Wall Street.  Are we in the middle of a double-dip recession?  Tom takes a look at what's really going on.

Privatize Parks?

Officials in the San Francisco Bay area want non-profits to help keep open state parks slated for closure.  Tom thinks that's a good start, but they should allow private companies to manage the parks.  In fact, Tom says cities, states and the federal government should start privatizing a lot of their services!

Deadly Budget Cuts?

California firefighters and police recently stood by and watched a 52-year-old man drown in the San Francisco Bay.  The emergency workers blame their lack of action on budget cuts and department policy.  What's wrong with our society when even first responders don't react in cases of life and death?