Congressman Anthony Weiner is caught in a scandal which may or may not have been his own fault. When the story first broke, I thought Weiner was being pranked and paid little attention to it. But now I'm very very interested because Weiner can't bring himself to say that's not me in that lewd photo tweeted to that college girl.


Didn't Brett Favre get busted for doing something like this? I could believe Favre did it--football players, even old ones, still got a lot of raging hormones. But a Congressman who has seen so many colleagues go down over stuff like this? Surely Weiner is too smart for something this dumb.


But, if so... why can't he say so? Today when asked is that you in the picture he said "I can't say with certitude." Huh? Well, I could say with certitude it wasn't me if it wasn't me and the only reason I would say I can't say with certitude is that I knew it was in fact me.


Do we have a case of a Congressman boldly lying to our faces?

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