[Video] Hopey!

Hopey! Sarah Palin's "Non Political" Bus Tour stopped off in Manhattan yesterday, so she could have a quiet get together with failed Birther Donald Trump at a Times Square Pizzeria. Is she really running or is this an exercise is building out her brand? Gibson rules. Plus: Palin vs. Bachmann?

Tangled Web! Liberal Bomb throwing Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) made a complete fool out of himself doing obfuscation and Non Denial Denials at a contentious press conference yesterday. The question on hand is whether he was the man in the lurid Tweet Pic sent to a Seattle Co-Ed and where's the confirmation of an investigation into the Federal Crime he alleged (originally) took place? Gibson examines.

Plus: Republicans seek to cut Food Stamp spending, Florida Governor signs Bill requiring Drug Test before Welfare Check, Obama's Historic Edge and Oklahoma Shooting Controversy!