Rep. Anthony Weiner says a lewd photo sent from his Twitter account to a young college student was just a prank, but Tom questions how the NY congressman is responding to the scandal.  And will the liberal lawmaker get the same scrutiny a conservative would?  Then, what is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin up to?  Is her tour of the country a sign that she's going to run for President?  Tom says no...

Education Cuts

Faced with budget problems, the state of Texas is significantly cutting education.  However a recent report suggests that funding doesn't necessarily determine how well a school system performs.  If more money doesn't lead to better education, should other states consider following Texas' lead?  And will education cuts force districts to use their funds more wisely?

"Double Dip"

The new Case-Shiller housing report confirmed that home prices are officially in a "double-dip".  Can anything turn the market around?  And what can be done about the startling amount of empty homes on the market?  Robert Shiller, Yale Economist and co-creator of the Case-Shiller home price index joins Tom.