Getting Away This Weekend? Do So At Your Own Risk!

Here's some vindication for all you road ragers out there. It turns out your suspicions and obscenity-laden rants are true, Americans are terrible drivers! According to a survey, 40 million Americans are unfit to be on the road and wouldn't pass a driving test if given one. Should states require more refresher courses? And who are the worst of the worst drivers?

 Then, Thanks to high gas prices, they'll be less cars on the road this weekend. Are pump prices making you stay home this weekend?

 PLUS: Tom responds to the latest report on the mysterious crash of Air France Flight 447.

No Hope For Housing?

More bad news from the housing market. Years after the bubble burst, there are few signs of improvement and some regions are even seeing a double-dip. So, what's mucking up the works? And is there any hope for housing?


  Is China a partner, a competitor or an enemy? And how much should we fear the rising nation? Tom speaks with former Secretary of State and Noble Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger, author of "Henry Kissinger on China".


PLUS: Is peace in the Middle East possible? And what impact did President Obama's recent comments have on the process? FOX News Correspondent and author of  "This Burning Land: Lessons from the Front Lines of the Transformed Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" Jennifer Griffin joins Tom.