No “Green” Cars!

Transportation Secretary Ray "Little Red Riding" LaHood unveiled a new-car sticker system today to help encourage consumers to buy hybrid and electric cars. But even with high gas prices, a USA Today poll says more than half of US car buyers just don't want "green" cars!  Will Americans ever change their minds?

PLUS: GOP presidential hopeful Gov. Tim Pawlenty says it's time to end ethanol subsidies.  Is he right?

Still Sluggish

New reports on unemployment and the GDP show the economic recovery is still failing to gain traction.  Are gas prices, unrest in the Middle East and other "temporary" issues causing the sluggishness?  Or are there more fundamental reasons?

Vermont Health Care

The governor of Vermont has passed a bill that will put the state on a path to a single-payer health care system.  While Americans have largely shunned President Obama's national health care system, do you object to a statewide health policy?  What impact will a state health care system have on its businesses, neighbors and the national health care system?