Did you know the rate of deaths on our nation's highways has gone down? It has. In other words, it's safer to drive these days. So... why is that?


Are Americans driving more safely? Are they buckling up, not drinking, avoiding texting, paying attention to the road, and obeying the law? Yes probably all those things, but there's one other factor in today's improved road safety.


Big vehicles. Lots of metal around the people inside the car. SUV's, for example. These are vehicles which encase the occupants in steel, and put them higher off the road. For a long time the argument against SUV's was that they mangle people in smaller cars if there is a crash. Evidently small car drivers figured it out and got SUV's,


By the way, Chrysler's sales were up. Was it the Obama small green cars? No. It was SUV's and trucks.


Americans want the big vehicles. And they are safer for it.

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