2012 Prediction?

Democrats scored a big win last night in the New York-26 special election, turning the longtime republican district "blue". The Left credits Paul Ryan's budget bill and its controversial Medicare cuts, but others blame the Tea Party candidate for stealing republican votes.  Will we see the same dynamic in the 2012 elections?  Do the republicans have a Medicare problem, a third party problem or a messaging problem?

No "Green" Cars!

Transportation Secretary Ray "Little Red Riding" LaHood unveiled a new-car sticker system today to help encourage consumers to buy hybrid and electric cars. But even with high gas prices, a USA Today poll says more than half of US car buyers just don't want "green" cars!  Will Americans ever change their minds?

Chrysler's Payback

Chrysler announced they have paid back every penny of the government bailout.  But does the math add up?  Ed Niedermeyer from TheTruthAboutCars.com joins Tom to put Chrysler's claims to the "Smell Test".  PLUS: A preview of tonight's "American Idol" finale with FOXNEWS.COM LIVE's "Entertainment Hour" host Ashley Dvorkin.