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...let 'em go!

The Supreme Court - affirming a very controversial California prison overcrowding reduction plan .

"The Supreme Court was divided 5 -4. Strong opinions on both sides. But I think the judgment of the Supreme Court is correct."

Constitutional Law Attorney Elizabeth Samson - speaking with Tony at WHAS.

The argument?

"On the one side they say - well you're all the sudden going to release violent prisoners / violent criminals into the general population. But on the other side there's an argument to be made that by incarcerating people in a manor so brutal and violent will make them more inclined to be repeat offenders anyway..."

That's where things heated up...

"Come on Elizabeth... these people are hardened criminals. They're evil people. They don't deserve to live in a good environment. You want people to go there so they never want to go there again."

Good point Tony... Elizabeth?

"There's a difference between having your freedoms restricted and also putting them in a condition that's just not - practically inhumane - for example - there are cases where prisoners are being held in a cell the size of a phone booth with no toilet - or prisoners being housed 200 or so in a gymnasium on bunk beds with nowhere to go."

"So... I don't have trouble with bunk beds in a gymnasium. Don't go to prison... don't kill people, don't harm people."

Ok... we'll, lets agree to disagree...

The plan - forced on California prison administrators - requires the state to reduce its inmate population by TENS of THOUSANDS to ease overcrowding.

...buzzing right along...

The GOP Presidential field... beginning to shape up...

Tea Party favorite - Herman Cain - made his big announcement on Saturday.

"He's certainly gaining traction. You know - he's getting a few points here and there in the polls... and every time there's a debate that's televised - you know - he seems to have / get a really good reception. So yeah - he's doing pretty well. Much better than most people probably would have thought."

Staff Writer for Roll Call - Kyle Trygstad - speaking with Gary and Jim at KFAB in Omaha...

Cain joins Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty who announced Monday - his intentions to run for Commander in Chief... and Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, in the race for the White House.

People seem to be in love with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie - wanting him to make a run for the White House... supporters seem unconvinced despite his repeated rejection of the idea of running...

What's the draw???

"I think people just like his style - you know - he's kind of a blunt guy - with voters and everyone around him... and they think he might be good. He seems like someone who can stand up to Obama, and I think some Republicans like that."

The short list of possible GOP contenders who've already bowed out... includes Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Florida Governor Rick Scott... and "The Donald" Trump of course.

We'll have to keep an eye on this one... because that list of non-candidates is sure to grow for the GOP...

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.