The "END OF THE WORLD EDITION" of the Radio Buzz... the top talk radio stories of the day... more day --- and THEN:

...or is it?

Eighty Nine year old Harold Camping - of Family Radio - a CA based Christian radio network -- certainly seems to think so.

His prophecy - based on numerological calculations he made from reading the bible.

Ultimately concluding that Judgment Day - will arrive Saturday night.

Kicked off - by a pretty epic earthquake.

Camping is not alone in his beliefs, either -- Followers are taking to the streets... warning of the approach...

...But as many people that are out there that believe his prophecy there are just as many Christian believers that are scoffing at the notion.

Saying no one can predict the precise day that the rapture will take place. ...and disagree with the idea that the date for the end of times can be calculated like Camping says.

"Well, here's the caveat -- is that the earthquake they say starts tomorrow, and the believers get taken up into heaven. But the final destruction and obliteration of the universe doesn't happen until after 153 days of judgment - so we have to wait until October."

"But that's for the non believers, right?"

"Right, so, but Harold Camping has said even if you're a believer - and even if you think you're squared away with -- you know -- the man upstairs so to speak - you have to beg for God's mercy - so who knows who's going to be left behind."

Fox News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal - speaking with Manny and Jim -- at WIOD in Miami.

" I got a little bit of time. Because - my big concern is I got a lot of shows on my TiVo... so I don't have to power thru them between now and 6 tomorrow - I've got another 150 days."

"Yeah, and you hope you're not stuck in a traffic jam at the moment - tomorrow night at 6 o'clock local time - which is when its supposed to happen - because everyone around you is gone you won't be able to move your car."

And those planning on remaining on earth for the next 153 days -- creating tons of "Post Rapture Looting" Party Invitations which are popping up all over facebook...

One such invitation:

"When everyone is gone and God's not looking, we need to pick up some sweet stereo equipment and maybe some new furniture for the mansion we're going to squat in." may be the end of days - but the buzz must go on...

...was the Unabomber involved in the 1982 Chicago area Tylenol poisonings?

The FBI -- is currently investigating - just that... and as of Thursday a Chicago FBI Spokeswoman confirmed the agency had asked for Kaczynski's DNA, though he's refused to voluntarily GIVE them a sample.

"It's not just peace of mind for those victim's families - the 7 families that were affected by the killings back in 1982. But also for all of us - because don't forget - we're all living - with all the Tylenol incidents - with all the packaging that we have to unravel when we buy things from the convenience store - or certainly all of the over the counter medication - that's all a direct result of what happened in order to prevent any sort of contamination of any products we consume."

...Former FBI Investigator Bill Daly - speaking with Gayle at KCOL in Fort Collins, CO

A defense attorney for Kaczynski - says he thinks the FBI is seeking the Unabomber ' s DNA simply to rule him out as a suspect in the case which left 7 people dead.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.