Funding Our Foes! Should We Stop Handing the Mideast Billions?

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Cut Em Off!?

We're broke. However, yesterday President Obama said the US will continue to give billions to the Middle East and other potentially hostile countries. Should we be funding countries that pretty much hate us and our allies? Or is handing over billions to places like Egypt the best way to keep the relative peace?

PLUS: President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are scheduled to make remarks regarding the Israeli peace remarks. Tom will have a response

Pinching Pennies, Sacrificing Safety?

Everyone wants to rein in wasteful spending, but are some cutbacks actually jeopardizing our safety? Thanks to budget cuts, 30 midsized cities will be losing their counterterrorism funding. And in Los Angeles and other major cities, police and fire departments are also facing severe budget cuts. Should we welcome these cuts or are government bean counters recklessly sacrificing our safety?

Privatize It!

The Postal service is going broke! According to reports, they may be forced to default in the coming months. Is there any way to save this dying institution? Tom says let's privatize it!