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President Obama gave a major speech on his vision for the Middle East Thursday - from the State Department.

"In a speech that mentioned democracy more than twice as often as his Cairo speech two years ago -- President Obama called for advancing reform in the Middle East and North Africa. As for Israel and the Palestinians he admitted his initiative did not work. So the President attempted to unilaterally resolve one of the big issues. Meanwhile, the President promised aid to help Tunisia and Egypt form democracies and called on their neighbors, including US allies Bahrain and Yemen, to stop their crackdowns on dissent."

That was Fox News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchowitz.

Buzzing on...

Hey coffee drinkers!

Rest assured that second -- or third -- or sixth cup of coffee - won't kill you.

Researchers finding the "bright side" of the morning drink ritual...

"They need to do a lot more research in regards to what specifically it is in coffee that was causing this positive benefit. It could have been anti-oxidants, it could have been auto-immune components - there's a lot of different things that could have been doing this positive benefit."

That was registered Dietitian Heather Golubski - speaking with Serge and Tim at KURV in McAllen, TX.

According to this latest - study - men who drank six OR MORE cups a day - over nearly two decades - were 60 percent LESS LIKELY to develop more aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

Those who drank one to three cups a day lowered the risk by 13 percent.

The findings - published in the Journal of National Cancer Health.

I love coffee just as much as the next person - but honestly, the idea of drinking six cups of coffee a day gives me the jitters.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.