Flooding continues along the Mississippi River.

Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes reports:

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Residents in Amelia, Louisiana are trying to protect more than just their houses.  With waters not expected to crest until this weekend, it's those that have already died that could be in danger.

FOX's Rick Leventhal explains that measures are being taken to make sure certain cemeteries remain intact...

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Barge traffic along the Mississippi River is starting to reopen, after having been closed earlier in the week.  Speed restrictions are in place...

...but this steamboat captain in Louisiana says the water is very treacherous...

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FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes went on to Stevensville, Louisiana to see how preparations are going there.

He found residents trying to take the approaching floods in stride...

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has kept a close watch on the rising waters of the Mississippi River that have plagued his state.

Barbour tells Fox News about the economic factors of the river:

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Crews are working all up and down the river, reinforcing levees, building these sandbag walls, doing whatever they can to protect their towns.  And the effort is not for naught.

FOX's Jonathan Serrie is in Greenville, Mississippi, where he says all the prep work has paid off in some spots...

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