Turns out the Terminator was the Impregnator. And he managed to keep it hushed up for a decade, at least. Arnold, bud, what's up with that?


Oy, this story is giving men everywhere a migraine. We now add Arnold to the long list of prominent male pols who can't seem to restrain themselves. Bill Clinton, John Edwards, David Vitter, Eliot Spitzer... I could go on and on. And now Arnold.


And keeping it secret for ten years while the woman he impregnated continued to work in his house for his cheated on wife. Ugh. That's all way too close for comfort. I think we all understand why Maria suddenly could no longer stand to live in the marital mansion. As Princess Di once remarked, the marriage was getting crowded.


Burlesconi in Italy, DSK in France, the long list from America, these men are becoming embarrassing for men everywhere. Why don't we hear of powerful women cheating, as well?

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