Radio Buzz: IMF Head Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charges; Hitting the Debt Ceiling

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The head of the IMF - spent the night in the clink - last night.

Dominique Strauss - Khan - was an overnight guest New York City's own - Rikers Island - following sexual assault allegations made against him - by a hotel maid in Manhattan.

"What always is the problem for the Prosecution on any sex crime case is what we call corroboration - something to establish something more than just he said, she said."

That was Former Prosecutor and Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit in the DA's office in Salt Lake City - Greg Skordas - speaking with Chip Franklin at KOGO in San Diego...

Strauss - Khan plead not guilty at his arraignment, and was denied release on bail.

The International Monetary Fund has yet to decide what to do with Strauss - Khan - who - Prior to this scandal - had been considered one of the leading candidates to run for the office of President of France...


Buzzing right along...


The heat is on.... lawmakers - that is... to strike a budget deal - as the Government has hit it's debt ceiling...

The Treasury department - now scrambling to keep the US from going into default.

"So Clark, help us out here. What does it mean, really for the American people - when the Government hits the debt ceiling - and lawmakers can't reach a deal whether to raise it or do something."

That question - posed by Abdul at WXNT in Indianapolis - of Clark Hodges - of Hodges Capital.

Clark's answer?

"Well, in my cynical belief system - it means nothing to the American people."

Why is that, Clark?

"Because there's not one chance that it won't be raised. It's a political issue that will be bantered back and forth over the next few weeks, you'll hear Geithner, and you'll hear Obama, and you'll hear Boehner talk about the side they want you to hear about - and it'll definitely get raised, and we'll go about our business."

Both sides say they're ready to "make a deal", but they can't seem to agree on how much and what - to cut...

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.